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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00

Seminar: Women scientists & engineers - Experiences in India & the USA

Wed 26th Jul 2017
11:00am - 12:00pm

Upstairs Seminar Room, Australia India Institute

147-149 Barry Street, Carlton VIC 3053

About the talk: 

The number of women pursuing a career in academia after earning a PhD in science and engineering remains disproportionately low. Research studies in India and the US have concentrated on the drop out of women in science at the high school and undergraduate levels, paying less attention to women who drop out after obtaining a PhD.

In an attempt to understand the leaky pipeline of women scientists and engineers after a PhD, the following study was undertaken. The study consisted of three phases. Phase I focused on women scientists and engineers in India. A total of 312 women scientists and engineers and 161 men scientists and engineers were surveyed online and over the telephone(2008-10). For comparison purposes, in phase 2, a similar study was carried out in the University of California system during 2011-2012. Currently, the project is in phase 3 (2017-19) that focus on the diverse challenges in formal institutions where women negotiate the work-life balances in multiple ways. While existing research sets out some of the larger themes, this project examines the granularity of and diversity within these themes to weave together a tapestry that attends to institutional diversity and generational transitions, one that meticulously documents women’s challenges and pleasures in doing research.

The talk will focus on the impressions from the field drawing on key themes that emerge from the study across these phases to compare and contrast the experiences of women scientists and engineers in the two countries.

About the speaker: 

Anitha Kurup is Dean and Professor, School of Social Sciences and Head of the Education Program at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS). She is currently leading the National Gifted Education Program in India anchored at NIAS. Prof. Anitha Kurup has made seminal contribution to the field of Women in STEM disciplines in India through critical research that provides a nuanced insights to important questions of gender and science. Her research interests span the broad disciplines of education and gender. Her recent publications “Trained Scientific Women Power: How much are we Losing and Why?” and “Trends Report: Creation and Analysis of Database of PhDs in India (1998-2007)” has been widely appreciated. Her doctoral work on quality of primary education in rural India is one of the earliest often cited work on grounded research in class room processes and school –community relationship in rural India. Dr. Kurup’s research expertise in higher education is in relation to educational management, academic leadership, institutional assessment, curriculum development, human resource management, teacher training and pedagogic practices. Her research career spanning over two decades is marked by her passion and motivation to undertake research in critical areas, hitherto unexplored within the Indian subcontinent. The hallmark of her research career has been the innovation methodologies adopted for large scale research studies questioning existing theoretical frameworks to find solutions to the real world problems. She has made significant contribution to the growth of the educational field in India. She has several publications to her credit.

Prof. Kurup has provided consultancies to large international organisations like the World Bank, NOVIB, and has been an educational consultant to the government of India and the Government of Karnataka over the last two decades. She is among the few often noted expert in the field of education and gender at the national level. She served as an Expert and Member RFD in school and continuing education; and higher education, Government of Karnataka for the period 2011- 2016.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00