VIDS 2013

VIDS 2013

Ten more of India’s brightest students will work on their PhD studies at a Victorian institution thanks to the 2013 Victoria India Doctoral Scholarships program, the Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business, Louise Asher announced today in India.

These scholarships valued at $90,000 each, give Indian doctoral students the opportunity to work with top Victorian researchers and supervisors, use cutting edge research infrastructure and facilities, and enjoy a welcoming lifestyle in a cosmopolitan community.
The Doctoral Scholarships program, now in its second year, is funded by the Victorian Government and managed by the Australia India Institute. 
Ms Asher said the program allowed India and Victoria to share knowledge and best practice, drive new research and help equip students with the skills needed for future innovation and economic growth.
“Having these future academic and research leaders study and live in Victoria will also help enrich understanding of each other’s cultures and attributes and foster more long term professional and personal connections.
“Victoria attracts over 46 per cent of Indian students in Australia- the largest share of any state or territory. We’re delighted to host so many Indian students and are committed to working with our educational institutions to ensure their experience in Victoria is welcoming, successful and safe.”
Ms Asher was speaking in Mumbai while leading a Victorian Government Super Trade Mission of 180 delegates representing 140 Victorian organisations to India.

The ten recipients of the Victorian India Doctoral Scholarships 2013 are:

Rahul Deb Das, University of Melbourne. Research Title: "Towards Travel and Activity Knowledge Discovery- Leveraging the Power of Where and When"

Poshmaal Dhar, University of Melbourne. Research Title: "Understanding how Muc1 (Mucin1) regulates gastrointestinal inflammation caused by bacterial pathogens"

Nidhish Francis, University of Melbourne. Research Title: "The role of protease-activated receptor-1 in muscle regeneration"

Raj Kumar Shukla, Monash University. Research Title: "Dry Powder Formulation for Pulmonary Delivery of Peptides"

Dhanasekaran Sakthive, Monash University. Research Title: "Immune Reponses to vaccine adjuvants"

Harish Ravishankar, Deakin. Research Title: "A Nano based Process Development of Membrane for Remediation of Heavy Metals"

Amol Janardan Patil, Deakin. Research Title: "Enhancement of durability of intrinsically conductive polymer coated textiles through nanotechnology"

Hina Kalra, LaTrobe University. Research Title: "Role of wnt signalling pathway in modulating the extracellular matrix components in colorectal cancer"

Vasudev Dehalwar, Victoria University. Research Title: "Design and performance evaluation of cognitive radio network for real time communication in smart grid"

Manpreet Kaur Grewal, Victoria University. Research Title: "

Improving emulsion stability of UHT milk by ultrasonication"