Podcast Newsletters 3

Podcast: How can we support India during the COVID-19 crisis?

AII Analysis: COVID-19 and India

In this podcast, the Australia India Institute’s Professor Ashok Muthupandian, Professor Nathan Grills and Dr Haripriya (Priya) Rangan discuss the current COVID-19 crisis devastating India and how the Institute and University of Melbourne are lending support.

Professor Ashok Muthupandian is the AII’s Acting Director and the Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor International at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Nathan Grills is an AII Senior Researcher Adviser and Global Health Professor at the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne.

Dr Haripriya Rangan is an AII Academic Fellow and Principal Fellow of the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne.

Charitable organisations working at the front line that University of Melbourne has partnered with and are open to receiving donations include:

  • CMC Vellore: Upsizing to 1500 COVID-19 beds. They have written to us outlining their extensive needs including equipment, PPE and patient support.
  • Emmanuel Hospital Association emergency relief appeal: 20 charitable hospitals in rural India serving the poor. Requesting support to purchase PPE, medications, ICU equipment.
  • The Catholic Health Association of India: Responding to COVID-19 across 3500 health facilities across in India. Through the Mary Glowrey Training Initiative, the University of Melbourne is helping increase CHAI’s capacity to respond to COVID-19.