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The CECA: Roadmaps for the Australia – India Economic Relationship

There is increased momentum for the negotiation of an Australia-India FTA, known as the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA). This year, the two countries reaffirmed their commitment to conclude a CECA, including reaching an interim early harvest agreement by December 2021, and concluding the negotiations on a full CECA by the end of 2022. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be …

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AII Fellows’ Series: Denationalising Indian Environmental Issues

National histories, as is often the case, tend to reflect the parochial visions and grandiose territorial posturing of their governments. Environmental issues (think climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic), in contrast, reveal the fissures and poverty of such nationalist narratives. This presentation will offer new ways of thinking about ‘Indian’ environmental issues from a denationalised …

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AII Fellows’ Series: Indian Education Policy and the Hybrid State

Indian education systems have long been characterised by the involvement of non-state actors – from the missionary schools established during the colonial period through to the growing power of international agencies and private schools and colleges since the 1990s. While we know a lot about diverse actors’ involvement in education delivery, less attention has been …

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