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Modern India: A Very Short Introduction

India is widely recognised as a new global powerhouse.  It has become one of the world’s emerging powers, rivalling China in terms of global influence. Yet people still know relatively little about the economic, social, political, and cultural changes unfolding in India today. To what extent are people benefiting from the economic boom? Does caste still …

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Within the Limits: Moral Boundaries of Class and Gender in Urban India

India’s ‘new’ middle classes have gained increasing prominence in media, political, and public imaginings since the liberalization of the economy in the 1990s. As a growing number of Indians living in an extraordinary variety of socio-economic circumstances are identifying as middle class, a concrete definition of this category remains elusive. Within the Limits explores what being ‘middle …

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Australia and India: Mapping the Journey 1944-2014

Only rarely has India, home to one-sixth of the world’s people, forced itself onto the maps constructed by Australian diplomats and politicians. In this book, Meg Gurry explores why this is so. “Australia and India: Mapping the Journey 1944-2014” traces the evolution of Australia’s role from outpost of a decolonising British empire and junior member …

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