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Academics in Action: Research Funding to Build a Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Sport Governance Transformation in India

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The Australia India Institute is pleased to announce that New Generation Network scholar Dr Geoff Schoenberg has been awarded funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia-India Council to examine and build a collaborative approach to sustainable sport governance transformation in India.

Prof David Shilbury, Chair In Sport Management at Deakin University will be a principal participant in the project, which will be undertaken in partnership with the Australia India Institute @Delhi.

Project description

Poor governance is identified as a critical factor restricting Indian sport by the Lodha Committee, Sports Authority of India, media, and other stakeholders. This project will link Indian sport organisations with Australian academics and practitioners in the delivery of sport governance workshops and the implementation of ground-breaking intervention-based governance reform with Indian organisations. Workshops held throughout India will provide opportunities for the Indian sports community to learn contemporary sport governance practices.  Digitisation of the workshops will ensure access to a wider Indian audience.  Workshops will be used to recruit Indian organisations for a collaborative, intervention-based governance reform process that features knowledge exchange, as Indian organisations and Australian academics learn from each other throughout the process.  Post-intervention joint reflection on the process will inform future policy recommendations and contribute to knowledge transfer.

Key dates

  • Jan 2018 – sport governance workshops in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru, India
  • Feb 2018 – Two-day issue identification and planning sessions with Indian national sport organisations, likely to be held in New Delhi and Mumbai, India
  • Dec 2018 – Reflection on intervention process, likely in New Delhi and Mumbai, India
  • June 2019 – Two-day intervention implementation session, likely in New Delhi and Mumbai, India