tech mahindra internship
Photo: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Rohan Fernandes hones client proposal skills at Tech Mahindra internship

tech mahindra internship
Photo: Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Q:  Tell us a little about your internship, your duties and how you heard about it?

I narrowly missed out on a summer internship with a technology consulting firm and was looking for similar opportunities. While browsing Facebook, I came across the Victoria India Internship Program on the Australia India Institute’s Facebook page. I applied for a position and was elated to learn of an opportunity with Tech Mahindra.

I began my internship in November 2018 with Tech Mahindra’s Communications, Media and Entertainment division in their Melbourne office. I conducted secondary research, built a searchable database of compiled leads, created presentation decks for proposals and use cases. I was also able to assist the team on a couple of business proposals for leading Australian clients.

Q: When you talk to people about your internship what’s the first thing you tell them?

I usually tell them about the relevant experience I have gained and the networks I have built. Opportunities like the Victoria India Internship Program are really beneficial to students, so I tell them to make the most of it.

Q: What was the work environment like at your internship?

I had joined in November and as it was nearing the end of the year, things were a little relaxed. This gave me the opportunity to quickly complete tasks that I had been assigned and find out more about the organisation. When I was asked to work on proposals later in my internship, I found this background knowledge of clients and past solutions particularly helpful.

Everyone at Tech Mahindra was approachable and I felt I could reach out to them with any questions. I was able to speak to the consulting team about a project that they were working on and how they were able to identify potential opportunities. As this is something that I would like to pursue further, this was really insightful.

Q: What surprised you about the internship?

I was surprised at how accommodating the organisation was with my schedule. I was unable to intern full-time and could only work three days a week, but everyone was really understanding. People were also very friendly and casual. I was taken out for lunch and coffee on multiple occasions and made to feel like I was part of the team. Although I was an intern, I was included in calls that gave me a really broad understanding of the work being done at Tech Mahindra.

Q: What are some key lessons that you learnt? How could these assist other interns to find work in the same industry?

There are so many opportunities for internships and it’s important to look beyond the more obvious ones. I was lucky to come across the Australia India Institute’s post on Facebook and could have easily missed it. I would ask other students to broaden their scope and keep an eye out for opportunities with firms beyond the obvious ones, such as the Big 4. One way to do this would be to attend networking events such as the Drop in Chai at Australia India Institute. You never know who you could run into! Even if it does not lead to an immediate opportunity, you always get to meet new and interesting people.

Q: What skills did you gain from the internship?

I was able to build on my research and co-ordination skills. I had to contact technology recruiters so that we could arrange for resources in the lead up to projects. As someone who hasn’t worked in sales, reaching out to potential partners was something new and an interesting perspective into the sales pipeline.

Q: What’s next for you in your career?

This is my final trimester at Deakin. I will leverage the experience I have gained and the networks I have built to find a management consulting role when I graduate. Fingers crossed!