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Podcast: How COVID-19 is impacting Indian students

As coronavirus continues to ravage India, students from India find themselves torn between family responsibilities at home and their studies in Australia. Monash University PhD candidate Shaheen Ahmed is in Melbourne and unable to be with her family in India. While Dr Akash Aaron is using his medical skills to support a charitable hospital in India, but his situation is hindering his studies at the University of Melbourne. In this podcast, hosted by AII’s Acting Director Professor Ashok Muthupandian and Delhi Project Manager Parul Nadar, both students share how their lives have been impacted by COVID-19.

The Australia India Institute has been contributing to the knowledge of India in Australia and the building of the bilateral relationship for more than 10 years. The current COVID-19 crisis in India is devastating and it directly touches many of our families, friends, colleagues and associates. We learn daily of people within our networks suffering or succumbing to this terrible illness. As this crisis continues, it is important that we offer our support and strengthen our engagement with India even further.