A ground-breaking network of post-doctoral scholars working across Australian universities, conducting policy relevant research on contemporary India

The Australia India Institute’s New Generation Network is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary network of post-doctoral scholars working across Australian universities and conducting policy-relevant research on contemporary India.

The NGN scholars emphasise the Institute’s mission of promoting innovative world-class research through the recruitment of early career faculty, and by developing mechanisms for these intellectuals to deliver policy-relevant research on contemporary India. Since 2015 the AII has obtained commitments from eight Australian universities to fund and host a New Generation Network (NGN) of 14 post-doctoral scholars to date. This amounts to a $4.8 million investment to date, with new commitments being negotiated with universities across Australia.

Each NGN scholar works on an issue of critical concern both to Australia and India and arrives at compelling research findings with clear policy and business relevance to the Australia India relationship. These areas include but are not limited to: Inequality, Energy, Resources, Youth, Education, Language, Work, Security, Environment, Power, Diaspora, and Enterprise. Participating Universities under the Network include The University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, La Trobe University, Deakin University, Australian National UniversityUniversity of Sydney, University of Western Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Western Australia.

The NGN contributes greatly to the national impact and profile of the AII through research and academic activity across Australia on topics of relevance to both countries and helps to build the next generation of thought leaders in relation to India.

Current NGNs

Mona 1

Dr Mona Chettri

Gender and urbanisation in the eastern Himalaya

University of Western Australia

Andrew Deuchar

Dr Andrew Deuchar

Youth, education and migration in North India

The University of Melbourne


Dr Srinivas Goli

Population and family dynamics and its implications for development; Public Health and nutritional inequalities and its social determinants; Demographics of gender

University of Western Australia


Dr Anuradha Sajjanhar

Politics of policy making in India and the Indian diaspora

Australia National University

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