Victoria India Internship Program

The Victoria India Internship Program provided interns with invaluable experience of working in an Indian workplace and environment either in India or Victoria and gave them the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and understanding of the Indian market and company culture

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The Victoria India Internship Program (VIIP) was established by the Australia India Institute (Aii) for the Victoria Government and the Victoria State Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions.  The VIIP offered internship opportunities for Victorian students, domestic and international, in both Victoria and India.   A total of 32 interns were placed and you may read about some of their amazing experiences and learnings below.

The Australia India Institute is no longer accepting expressions of interest for this program as it is being discontinued.  We encourage applicants to seek information on internship opportunities through their University, Study Melbourne, Vic WISE (Victorian Working Group on International Student Employability) or other sources.

We sincerely thank the Victoria Government for its initiative and support of this program, our colleagues at Aii@Delhi, and all the interns and host organisations that participated, both in India and Melbourne.  The program helped to build understanding, relationships and friendships and we thank all involved for their contribution to the success of this program.