This study is guided by two questions: How can the Indian diaspora in Australia be mobilised as an asset for building deeper bilateral trade and investment relations with India? What are the institutional frameworks and industry linkages that require facilitation by the Australian government to enable its Indian diaspora to build dynamic and productive bilateral economic relations with India? 

The study adopts a comparative approach to answer these questions, looking first at the Indian government’s engagement with its global diaspora, and then at the role played by the Indian diaspora in USA, Canada, the UK and Singapore in building trade and investment links between these countries and India. For each country case, the study provides an overview of its Indian diaspora population and their participation in the economy; their remittances and investments in India; attracting investments from India; and their organisations promoting stronger economic and political relations with India. The overview of the Australian-Indian diaspora follows, with a closer analysis of their demographic profile, economic participation and their business organisations. The final section draws together observations from the Australian experience and country case studies to propose strategies that can mobilise the Australian-Indian diaspora to play a more dynamic role in deepening economic relations between the countries.

Australia india diaspora