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Strengthening Australia-India research collaboration and engagement: Case studies and good practices

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Research collaborations across national boundaries can help promote strong bilateral ties and enable scholars to advance their research agendas and produce knowledge.

This report presents case studies of 21 scholars who are conducting research and engagement activities relevant to India and the Australia-India relationship.

It has two aims. First, it aims to identify good research practice among Australian based scholars who work on and in India and those who are involved in productive collaborations between the two countries. Second, it generates insights into how to better support scholars working on India and how to stimulate and sustain productive research collaborations.

The report identified seven good practices essential to successful collaboration:

  1. A spectrum of research, collaboration and teaching elements
  2. A relationship built over time, for the long term
  3. Physical mobility, particularly in the early stages
  4. A relationship built on mutual interests and complementary capabilities
  5. Understanding the diversity of India
  6. New communication technologies
  7. Visibility and consolidation of Australia’s research strengths and focus on India

This report was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE).