task force indian ocean security

Task Force on Indian Ocean Security and Stability

task force indian ocean security
The Indian Ocean Security Task Force has four principal related aims:
  1. To discuss the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), its changing global significance, the various perspectives of regional states and the IOR’s relationships with other regions as a part of a broad context for an analysis of security issues.
  2. To analyse the numerous security challenges of the IOR, including major ‘non-traditional’ security issues, including fishing and food security; global warming and environmental issues; population and migration; access to undersea energy resources and differences and similarities in Indian and Australian perspectives. Furthermore, there will be a discussion of SLOC security issues along the ‘Long Indo Pacific littoral’, with particular focus on Indian and Australian perspectives on SLOC security between the Red Sea to the South China Sea.
  3. To consider the roles of India and Australia in Indo-Pacific Security, including discussion of Indian and Australian perspectives on their (and each other’s) future roles in Indo-Pacific security.
  4. To evaluate various policy implications and options, including a consideration of alternative regional security structures for the IOR and/or the Indo-Pacific (for example, expansion of IOR-ARC; concerts of powers; single issue coalitions), and the degree to which these would fit with Indian and Australian strategic perspectives.
 Photos from the launch:
Taskforce - indian ocean
The Hon Richard Marles MP and Ric Smith

Chairman Robert Johanson

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Richard Marles addresses the launch patrons at Parliament House

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