Podcast Newsletters 2

Deepening partnerships in disability between Victoria and India

Podcast Newsletters 2

In India, the Modi Government has actively promoted disability inclusion through the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 20163 and introduced or improved programs such as Accessible India and employment schemes. Although access remains an issue India offers some of the world’s best private disability care and boasts a burgeoning disability assistive technology sector.

Australia has been a world leader in promoting disability-inclusive development abroad and innovative financing solutions at home. The Development-For- All strategy and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are two examples. Victoria’s India Strategy provides a framework for meaningful engagement between Victoria and India in the area of disability.

Together India and Australia can cooperate to promote inclusion enabling people with disability to realise their full potential.

This policy brief provides an overview of the diverse array of stakeholders involved in responding to disability in India. It also explores the burgeoning market for the training of therapists, development of services, assistive devices and appropriate technology. It identifies the following areas for industry engagement and research collaboration between Victoria and India:

  1. Co-design of training and curricula to support the disability sector
  2. Leadership, training and education of the disability workforce
  3. Building technology and ICT solutions for people with disability
  4. Low-cost solutions and production of devices at scale