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Engaging with India’s Higher Education Sector: Pathways to Improved Market Access

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Photo: Pixabay

Australia urgently requires new strategies to profit from the Indian market for higher education. This Very Short Policy Brief offers a seven-point programme of recommendations that will, together, serve as a game changer in the Indian and Australian Higher Education relationship. In order to access the Indian market for higher education, the Australian Government and Australian universities must:

  1. Develop showcase projects of collaboration; (2) establish a set of faculty champions across the India- Australia boundary
  2. Develop a faculty teaching initiative programme on India in Australia
  3. Propagate a philosophy of reciprocity and respect to underpin concrete initiatives
  4. Send a delegation to India to foster collaboration
  5. Develop a new system of qualifications recognition paralleling the UK example
  6. Intensively investigate opportunities for Australian universities to develop campuses in India. Unless Australia acts quickly in these and related spheres, it will lose ground to competitor countries such as the UK and USA.