Making ‘climate-smart’ Indian cities

Photo: Lokantha



India is in the midst of a ‘smart cities’ revolution. The ‘Smart Cities Mission’ promises to make cities more liveable, sustainable, and resilient. But how can this be achieved when cities are facing a series of complex interconnected challenges related to urban warming? Cities are getting hotter, with severe implications for public health, comfort, energy demand, labour productivity and economy. Urban heat mitigation and preparing communities for the impending heat are some of the major challenges facing urban sustainability in India. This Very Short Policy Brief identifies a range of climate-smart solutions and key strategies for urban heat management, including:

  • Integrating climate-smart solutions into all existing operations, policies, plans and ‘road-maps’
  • Setting targets and performance measures for effective implementation and monitoring
  • Developing tools and resources for public communication and capacity building
  • Providing opportunities for community engagement